Price Comparison: GGUMBI 3 in 1 Lucky Star Transformation Bumper Bed

Expecting a newborn soon? GGUMBI’s bumper bed is a great investment – as it can accommodate the needs from different stages of your little one! GGUMBI is one of Korea’s most popular play mat brands – featured on TV dramas, variety shows and parenting magazines.

A popular model, the GGUMBI 3 in 1 Lucky Star Bumper Bed consists of one large piece of 4-layers fold-able mat with different sizes in each part and two-piece of guard mat. It can be transformed into 3 and more functions according to your room space and usage; both sides can be used together and/or separate. This bumper bed can be purchased on Gmarket for only 189,000 won (~SGD $220), but it costs almost double on Shopee with a SGD $579 price tag.

Even with the Buyandship delivery charges from Korea taken into account, you pay less than SGD $300 to receive the bumper bed at door. Start saving with Buyandship now!