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Modestly Chic: Gmarket

20th May 2019

Are you still looking for outfits that are versatile enough for modest wear, but still blend in with the rest of your everyday wear? We have the answer for you! Gmarket is a South Korean e-commerce platform that hosts a wide variety of categories for you to shop from, be it fashion, beauty, homeware or electronics.

Shop the Korean portal for more options and deals available for the domestic market. Most sellers offer free domestic shipping with a minimum order amount. Be sure to use Buyandship’s Korea warehouse address for access to affordable international shipping.

1. Tool Woman Blouse #44 | 28,000 KRW

A white shirt is essential in any wardrobe. Spice things up with this sweetheart neckline long-sleeved white blouse that can be easily paired with a long skirt, jeans and even culottes.

2.  Banilla C Long Skirt #03 | 13,900 KRW

Not one for bright colours? This monochromatic maxi skirt is suitable for a myriad of occasions – wear it with a white top to achieve a sophisticated look.

3. Miniart 14K Rose Gold Earrings (MS624) | 19,410 KRW

Rose gold was once the “in” metal choice for jewellery. While the hype has died down, a pair of rose gold earrings can add a lot of pizzazz to your outfit.

4. Find Kapoor Mini Pingo Bag 16 Metal Line Set | 134,100 KRW

If you have the dilemma of a clutch is too small, yet a shoulder bag too big, this mini bucket bag is the way to go! It can be worn in multiple ways to add to its vers