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Price comparison: For mums with toddlers

20th March 2019

What an interesting time it is as a mother. Your baby is no longer a baby (well, they’ll forever be your babies regardless) and is now ready to explore the world. Childhood development is a critical time for you as a parent. This is when your child develops their personality, traits and understanding of the world.

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Your little tots are going to want to be their own little person. At the same time, they’re still going to need the nurturing presence of their mothers to support their development. We’re back with another list, one that’s packed with a variety of tools that’ll help your child’s journey into toddlerhood.

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Infantino Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station

It’s recommended that babies are introduced to solid food from 6 months onwards. This is the time they’ll be developing their senses – from touch to taste – as your infant transitions into toddlerhood. Starting off with purees is the norm for most, and this Infantino Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station makes it easier for mums to prepare their little one’s food for meals on-the-go.

Cybex Yema Tie Baby Carrier (Koi)

Babywearing helps babies and toddlers get a sense of security when worn by their parents. It’s called a “hands-free hug” just for this very reason. Suitable from birth up to approximately 2 years old, the Cybex Tie Baby Carrier fuses fashion with ergonomical design to keep your bubbas close.

Kate Spade x Minnie Mouse Bethany Baby Bag

As your kids get older, you’ll find yourself carrying less and less things in the baby bag. This Kate Spade collaboration with Minnie Mouse allows mums to get a little bit more mileage in their diaper bags. The Bethany bag is roomy enough for all your daily essentials, yet stylish enough to be worn even when your kids aren’t with you.

GoldieBlox and the Parade Float

For older kids about to graduate from toddlerhood, this GoldieBlox kit makes it really fun for them to have a go at constructing structures. The set comes with instructions to make your own parade float, but really, the possibilities are huge! If you have more than one GoldieBlox kit, you can even make mege structures with them.

Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It!

Be prepared for hours of playing assistant or customer for your handyman as they learn to fix things around the house with this Learning Resources set. Learn by play is an important aspect for any toddler as it helps develop their creativity and imagination