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Ellen’s List on Walmart

31st January 2019

Who doesn’t love Ellen? From the popular daytime talkshow, she has us dance, watched viral videos featuring the people who appears on her show, and following all her recommendations. Now all her recommendations are more accessible to you as it is listed in Walmart’s website, on a page titled “Ellen’s List“. Updated every month, she talks through each item of her choice, and you’ll be able to access the items just on a click of a button, (or your mouse)! What’s even better is that most of these items are now on SALE! Walmart offers free domestic shipping if your shopping adds up to more than USD35, too! Here’s your one step closer to Ellen!

Here’s some of the more interesting items that she’s selected for January 2019.

EV 1 Tote – USD 21

My Infinite Agenda 2019 Daily/Monthly Planner – USD39.97

Nutribullet Smart Blender – USD119

Petcube (Carbon Black) – USD 179