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Japan’s Fukubukuro Listing for 2019

21st December 2018

If you know anything about Japan New Year’s celebrations, other than this being the important end of their Heisei emperor years, you’ll know that the best thing to look forward to during New Years is the FUKUBUKURO bags, that are the best bang for your buck when shopping in Japan. Covering clothes, shoes, electronics, watches, and more, why not start your year with a lucky beginning! With us, you no longer have to paiseh ask your friend visiting Japan to line up for you as most Japan stores now also stocks the Lucky Bags online. Just remember that like actual shop Fukubukuros, the items in it are put in random and sometimes you might not get the items in your size.


If you are a Japan junkie, then you’re probably familiar with the Japanese style brands like Nano Universe, Afternoon Tea Living and Snidel. If they’re up to your style, then head on over to Magaseek to get your Lucky Bag of Men and Women Clothings, as well as lifestyle items!

Babydoll Children’s Wear

Babydoll is Japan’s premiere kids clothing brand, popular amongst parents and kids alike. They offer a Fukubukuro for only 5,400¥ (about S$67) for 14500¥ (about S$173) worth of products, including a jacket, two tops, two pants/skirts and an eco bag! At 1,080¥ per item within the bag, it already makes the bag worth it!

Atmos Pink

Japanese brand, Atmos is known for the selection of sneakers and streetwear available, especially at their stores all over Tokyo. Their sister brand, Atmos Pink is offering several options for the Fukubukuro this year, and their Happy Bag 2019 covers three price points, 5000¥, 10,000¥ and 15,000¥. Totally worth it as even the 5000¥ bag has more than 5 items!

Disney Japan

Disney has released their lucky bags! For 3000¥ (or about S$37), you’ll receive a bag filled with not only lots of Disney magic, but also a doll, a tote bag, a water cup and a bunch of random small items! Totally valued at more than 10,000¥!

Rakuten Ichiba 樂天

Rakuten is the online store location for many Japanese brands covering the whole family – men, women, boys and girls! Make it a family lucky bag activity with brands like Dazzlin、earth music & ecology、JANSPORT participating in this year’s Fukubukuro online.

E hyphen world gallery

We have to say that women get the best selection to Fukubukuro, more so then men. This year, brands under E-hyphen world gallery launched two lucky bags, including ¥5,400 (about HK$373) for seven products and ¥12,960 (about HK$895) for eleven products. What you get in the bag won’t be a secret either since they reveal it on the site!

Afternoon Tea LIVING

Lucky bags does not only cover clothes, but in the case of popular lifestyle brand Afternoon Tea Living, it also covers thousands of items for to enrich your home and life.


This year F.O. Kids offers a Fukubukuro bag worth 7,560¥ where you will get 5 items in the bag. Considering a pair of pants usually costs more than 2,000¥, this bag is a steal!

Hello Kitty KIDS

This year, Hello Kitty 2019 Kids lucky bag is one of the more luxurious offerings you will find. 5,400¥ will get you 8 items, including backpacks, jackets, blouses, pants, socks and so on, and covers sizes for different sizes of kids between 80-130cm! The best Fukubukuro for kids, hands down!

Belle Maison Disney

Bell Maison’s Lucky Bag this year is filled with Disney products! The price for one bag is only ¥5,400 (about S$67) with 5 products in the bag to the value is ¥12,000! More than which is half price savings!


If your man want to buy a lucky bag to surprise you, they can consider the bag available from nano・universe. Every year, they score pretty high as one of the most worth it Lucky bagsso you know the quality will be guaranteed! For ¥15,000 (about S$185), you will get, at the very least, two coats and two tops.