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5th April 2018

1995 was the year the very first Pixar movie came out, and since they have shown us that no one else can tell a story (and make us cry) like they do. Gone are the days when animated movies were only for kids. Films like Toy Story have had three installments and have proven that we were meant to grow together with characters like Woody. Our hearts have been won many times over with talking dogs, magical guitars, robots falling in love, and toys that will stick by you no matter what.

One of the reasons Pixar has cultivated a strong following of true-blue, die-hard fans is that each story always comes ripe full with teachable moments. These are fables worth passing down to our younger generation.

Here’s how you can bring the magic of Pixar to life in your own home!


What better place to start than where it first began? Remember the time when Buzz Lightyear was all the rage and you really wanted one as a kid, complete with all the bells and whistles? Now you can! This 12-inch action figure is fully pose-able, comes equipped with his catchphrases, and he now even comes with a talk-back button so he can respond to you! He even comes with the special cardboard spaceship so you can be transported lightyears back into your childhood and squeal internally while doing the unboxing.


Monsters Inc. had some of the most loveable characters in the Pixar franchise. The movie showed a truly original take in the world of monsters and how they make their way into our rooms through the closet door. And there’s no relationship more heartwarming than the one between Sully and little Boo, showing that every monster really has a heart of gold. And, we mean, Boo totally stole the show. Everyone wants to know what happened to Boo after her door was splintered. We may never know, but you can totally have your kid dress up as her when she was in monster disguise. A good tip is to buy Halloween costumes in the off-season so they will be cheaper!


If you want a humourous view of the future for the human race and how our habits of consumption will cover the entire surface of the Earth in rubbish, then WALL-E is your show. What we love watching are two cute robots finding love in the most unlikely of places, them dancing through space to beautiful orchestral music, and how Wall-E melted Eve’s heart by showing her how treasure can be found among junk in his world. The official toys are extremely hard to come by, but we’ve found a WALL-E interactive talking action figure in stock from a UK seller. Get your hands on one and ship to our UK address to save money!


There’s no doubt about it. The Cars franchise is the one that sells the most merchandise under the Pixar umbrella, and judging the way little boys around the world go crazy for Lightning McQueen and all his antics, it’s no wonder. With the release of Cars 3 last year and a whole host of new characters, it doesn’t seem like the production of toys is ever slowing down. If you have a little one crazy for them, do yourself a favour and look to Tomica. They are well known for producing quality toys in die-cast (not plastic), and have every single character from Cars on the market. If you can’t find the latest characters like Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez in the Singapore stores yet, look towards the source – Japan! Of course, our Japan warehouse has got you covered for cheap shipping too!


One thing you can always bet on with Pixar, is that each project becomes a spectacular visual experience. With their latest offering, Cinco de Mayo comes to life in the colourful, magical world of Coco. It is a tale rich in morals of the importance of family, and of following your heart. And have you heard that their song “Remember Me” won an Oscar? We think it was a very well-deserved win because the scene that came with the song was such a tear-jerker. (No, we’re not crying! You are!) Learn more about the art and inspiration behind the film by getting this hardcover art book from Barnes and Nobles. Psst, it’s on sale with free US domestic shipping so don’t forget to sign up with us!

We haven’t even gone into other favourites yet! But we thought we’d let you tell us… which is your favourite Pixar film?