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3rd April 2018

We’re not trying to sound like we are whining, but let’s all at least agree that ADULTING IS HARD WORK! 

On paper, you become an adult once you hit 21. Once you get to that age, all of a sudden everyone expects that you have life all figured out. You should know where your career is heading, you are expected to know how to do your taxes, you need to have your retirement plan all figured out, and you need to make sure you house does not look and smell like a dorm room.

Most of the time though, you’d be like this…

Well, we can’t help you with your career plans, or your taxes, or retirement fund. But we can help you figure out all the other little things. Or rather, we can recommend some gadgets that will help get your life in order, and you won’t even need a hammer and nails!


This vacuum cleaner attachment is slated to revolutionise the way you clean! Now you won’t have the excuse of not being able to clean in all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies like drawers and kitchen cabinets because the way the fibres are fashioned in this attachment is supposed to suck up all the dust. It’s even supposed to be able to clean your keyboard and your aircon units! As an incentive to cleaning easier, think of how your mom won’t go all “tsk tsk tsk” when she comes to visit. 


If you’ve tried your hand at whipping up a meal, you’d be familiar with that adrenaline rush of completely forgetting a critical spice or ingredient, rummaging through your cluttered spice and seasoning cabinet, only to create a bigger mess than what you started with. We completely identify with you, so we thought this stackable spice rack would be a cheap and fuss free way to organize your kitchen. It may not look Instagram worthy enough to do a “shelfie”, but you definitely would know what you have in stock at one glance.


We love cats! Who doesn’t love cats?! And if you love cats you’d have at least two! And if you have two, you can identify with the challenge of keeping the area where the kitty litter pan is clean. You may be easily able to make it smell less with the help of some baking soda, but you’d still have to deal with the bits that Fluffy dragged out with her paws, or on her fur. The Litter Catcher Mat is supposed to keep all that mess down to a minimum. And after reading all the reviews, we are eager to try it out! Anything that makes sure that the cleaning is as fuss-free as possible. 


Who knew you had to sort your supermarket shopping? You have to separate the raw food from the fresh veggies, and the chemical cleaners from everything else. If we were left to our own devices the shopping trolley would be this messy heap that would make the checkout auntie faint. But get these colour coded trolley bags and it’ll feel like your life can also just as easily be sorted! They are also very easy for carrying about so you can just pick up and go instead of fumbling around with odd-shaped plastic bags. Speaking of which, it also lessens the need for plastic bags. Perfect excuse to go eco-friendly!


“A clean desk equals a clean mind.” – Anonymous. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after you pack your desk, ridding the unwanted clutter also seems to free your mind and make you more productive. Most of the time it doesn’t last for very long. But when we saw the Alldocks and how you can keep your movile devices organized on it, we loved the design and thought it would make your desk look damn swee! For brownie points, use it at your desk in the office to impress your boss, we’re sure it will make you look like you know what you’re doing. Who knows, your laoban might also ask you where to get one from!

What do you think? Are any of these gadgets LIFECHANGING? 

Or do you have a great gadget that would make adulting so much easier? Share leh!