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Clothing Basics: Denim – Closed

22nd March 2018

The most basic of basic that is in almost everybody’s wardrobe, other than t-shirts are of course – denim jeans. We think that anybody who says that they don’t own any jeans are just people who has not found the perfect cut or brand that suits their body.

We found this brand using Italian denim, based out of Germany, with the nicest shades of denim and the most interesting cuts of jeans – perfect for all body types! What started off by a group of friends with French imagination, Italian craftsmanship, German traditions, this brand that started off in 1968. 50 years later, the brand has maintained their principles by keeping their products eco-friendly and fairly priced.

Now one of these beautiful item of basic clothing can be yours at an affordable price! With their denims on sale of up to 50% off for both men and women, now is your chance to get a great addition to your wardrobe. They ship to Singapore for 19€, but you can save 15€ on shipping by getting it shipped to our warehouse in the UK for 4,90€ and onwards to Singapore at S$3/lb!