Time to Renew with SABON

International Women’s Day was just a few days behind us, but you still very much deserve this “Time to Renew” self-care kit from SABON designed to renew and refresh the body! From top to bottom, rejuvenate your heart, body and soul with SABON’s best-selling exfoliators. 4 products – Body Scrub, Hand Scrub, Foot Scrub and Face Polisher which can help you to relax and unveil soft, flawless skin, are packed in a convenient, reusable makeup bag at only USD $59.

We know we have been going on and on about the no liquid policy, but there are so many more products you can shop from SABON, including the scrubs and exfoliants, soap bars, bath balls and salt . So why don’t you round up your order to above USD $70 to score FREE local shipping? They don’t ship internationally, so just sign up with us and get access to our US warehouse!