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Hey Sexy, Wanna Cuddle?

2nd March 2018

In case you didn’t know, “sexy daikon” radishes do extremely well on Japanese social media.

No joke. “Sexy Daikon” is a hashtag and it definitely went viral. So viral, in fact, that Japanese retailer Felissimo is now manufacturing a Sexy Diakon Doll. And it perfectly captures that sly, sultry stare that we can’t help but be seduced by.

This little guy is about to become your best friend, and we promise he’ll never dump you on Valentines Day. Nope, not a chance.

Choose between the big or little daikon, depending on your body type and cuddling style.

SHOP sign up as a BuyandShip member today and get your items shipped to our JP warehouse, your radish baby will be waiting for you in bed before you even know it.