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26th February 2018


Spring always comes the idea of spring-cleaning and the whole concept of freshening up your living space. Even if you’re not planning to overhaul your entire place, you’d at least consider bringing in some new items to just change things up a little. 

Thankfully with the use of our consolidation service, you get access to many highly coveted homeware brands from around the world, so you can curate your house or apartment’s look with a few easy clicks. 

That way, you will be able to play interior decorator and not just be limited to Ikea, or other shops that just offer the same-old, same-old. 



Anthropologie has always been known as a brand that curates unique pieces, be it clothes or homeware, and they play up the eclectic kitsch vibe with a soft hand, making sure everything that gets put together in their collections are tasteful. Their bright colours and varying textures on everything is the main draw. 

What we love here: Colourful poufs and cushions that will add such character to any living room, and because cushions are voluminous and light, you save on shipping.  


A sister brand to Crate and Barrel, CB2 is touted as a more modern and affordable take for interior decorators who want the same clean, classy lines from the main range. We’ve seen enough US based vloggers furnish their homes with pretty pieces from their stores enough for us to covet the label. 

What we love here: They offer free shipping on majority of the items on their site! But of out of all of their products, we can’t seem to click away from their classy flatware sets. 



Once upon a time, Francfranc opened their doors in our shores, and they wowed us with all manner of homeware designed in an avant-garde fashion. Everything they sold were considered works of art and truly epitomized the meaning of the word ‘zakka’. Being able to purchase items from their Japanese online store takes away the sting of the premature closure of their brick and mortar store in Singapore. 

What we love: Their bathroom range holds very classy looking dispenser bottles that when used in your spare bathroom, will guarantee them thinking that you’re the perfect host. 


This Hong Kong based store also once opened in Singapore, and they are best known for their tongue-in-cheek designs inspired by modern pop culture. Having certain items from their long-standing range would not only add a pop of colour in your home, but would also act as a conversation piece. 

What we love
: If you are the entertaining sort, apart from their signature range of cushion covers, have a look at their placemats and stackable mugs you can serve tea in. 


Have fun thinking of ways putting different looks together! 

And remember that we not only charge based on actual weight (which work out great for these lighter homeware goods), but we also offer consolidation services so you can save on shipping while shopping from these various origins.