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19th February 2018

Everyone loves a good dose of nostalgia. 

Which is why some of the team at BuyandShip (the girls, mostly) were squealing in excitement when we saw the announcement that Polly Pocket was making a comeback with newly released toys. Some of us who were obsessed with the ultra cute and colourful compacts we carry around like clutches now may have little girls who we want to share the joy to. 

Then when we looked around, we realized there were plenty of toys that were popular in the 80s and 90s that were getting the comeback treatment. So here are a few that we handpicked. 


The one thing we can remember about this little egg-shaped object that housed an electronic pet, was that when it was first released, it was so highly coveted that it was sold out EVERYWHERE. Those of us who didn’t manage to get one could only hang around enviously with friends whose parents managed to snag them a piece. 

Now, Bandai is re-releasing the Tamagotchi in it’s original glory for it’s 20th anniversary, and even making a mini sized version (all the better to hide it from the view of teachers). Now you can relive your childhood and you won’t have to beg your parents to get you one!



Rainbow Brite was an obscure cartoon character with her own TV show from the 80s. Though not as popular as other shows that were released around the same time like My Little Pony, the artwork and colours still attracted many little girls around the time and was synonymous with retro vibes. 

So if you were thinking of looking into collecting their dolls and toys, you’d find that the truly vintage pieces are pretty rare. Then we found out that Hallmark was still releasing newly designed toys in the retro style! Could you feel your inner little girl squealing? Even if you don’t collect the toys, you can search for the tees. Retro styled artwork is very fashion forward nowadays!



The 80s was the golden age of animated cartoons. Many of these shows had kids falling in love with characters and rich storylines that could make you cry. One of them was M.A.S.K.. One of the reasons why this cartoon was so well loved, was that there was a strong overlying theme of good triumphing over evil, and it reflects simpler times when things were more black and white. 

There is news about Hasbro working on a reboot of the series since 2015, and the new series is stated to come to our screens later this year, this usually means more toys for collectors, and more childhood stories we can share with our kids. In the meantime, you may not believe it but a few of the original toys that were released by Kenner are still available in the market in all their unboxed glory! Time has made them classics and to a collector, these are gold. So hurry and snag them up just so you can own a piece of your childhood. 

We know that we can’t help you turn back time, but we hope these give you a blast to the past. 

You still get 5 free credits if you are a new signup, and 3 for every friend who signs up under your referral code. No better reason to help share the love with some of your childhood friends from the 80s or 90s.