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8th February 2018

Taobao is an endless rabbit hole that we are sure many would have fallen into.

Seriously, name anything you may ever possibly want or need and search for it on Taobao. The likelihood is that you’d be able to find it at a price at least four times cheaper than in the stores. Be it affordable fashion, accessories, electronic goods, and home furnishings.

So the BuyandShip family is more than proud to announce a new addition to our overseas warehouse addresses!

Starting NOW, you have the ability to ship all your shopping from China merchants to our Dongguan address. Consider your world expanding a hundredfold when it comes to access to all kinds of products.

And you don’t have to be limited to Taobao (and your limited knowledge in the Chinese language). Here are a few online merchants in China whose websites are in English. Most importantly though, they ship free within China!


AliExpress works similar to Taobao, they offer the same range of products from similar merchants. The difference is that the entire site is in English, and the layout is designed in a more visually pleasing manner; clean and organized.

Light In The Box

From what is researched, users have commended the service and quality of Light in The Box and highly recommend buying from them. Their products range from clothes, to toys and small electronic products, but they focus more on affordable fashion.

Sammy Dress

Sammy Dress is another online merchant who focuses mainly on affordable fashion, but with a twist. On their site, they encourage users to join their community of fashionistas and share your looks. From their instagram it seems many around the globe have tried and tested their products!

Geek Buying

As their name suggests, this place is a hotbed for all things geek related – from phone and computer accessories, to TV boxes, watches, and cameras! This is the perfect website to shop for a boyfriend for. And you should definitely check out their range of drones.

By now, you’d know the drill!

Simply go to your account page on the BuyandShip website and click on OVERSEAS WAREHOUSE ADDRESSES. There, you’d be able to see the new addition of our Dongguan warehouse in the ‘China’ tab.