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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

16th January 2018

Guys, even before the Lunar New Year rolls around, don’t forget that you have Valentines’ Day to tackle with. 

What? You thought you got off the hook because 14 February might clash with any reunion dinners your family members schedule? Think again. 

Don’t forget, if your lady love asks you if there’s anything planned, the CORRECT answer should always be, “YES!” 

Without any hesitation. 

But bros, we got your back. We thought we’d give you some gift ideas for her just so when she corners you, you don’t get all flustered, and especially to show that you’ve put some thought in getting something special.

And shhh… you don’t have to tell her that we’ve helped you save money on the shipping so she can feel extra special. 

She Who Needs Pampering

Lush has always had a reputation for the yummiest smelling products. And every girl would be more than happy to chill out in a bathtub with a bath bomb, made from all sorts of natural ingredients good for your skin. Buy from the UK site because they carry some products you won’t be able to get in Singapore. And their gift sets come with a beautiful scarf you can re-use. They are all about recycling and less waste. 

Pro Tip: No bathtub at home? Bring her out for a staycation, present her with the gift, and let romance do the rest. 


For the Carefree Boho Girl

It may be hard to tie down this carefree spirit but you managed to. She may not be very much into brands but she sees the value in something hardy, well-made and yet feminine that would suit her lifestyle. Affordable leather bags that are unique are rare to find these days, but Free People offers some so bohemian chic that your girl would be happy carrying around for years to come. 

Pro Tip: Tell her to get ready for an adventure and take her on a date traipsing through the less beaten path in Singapore. 


The One of A Kind Kinda Girl

It’s pretty hard to find something really unique in Singapore, something that absolutely no one else would have, and even if you do you’d be hard pressed to find a good range. Etsy is a marketplace that offers a wide range of wares from various crafters, artisans or designers. It’s where you can find anything from jewellery, accessories, to artwork. 

Pro Tip: Get an illustrator who can make a really cute portrait of the two of you as a gift to her. She’d be swayed by the sweetness and will treasure it forever and ever (and ever). 


The Practical Princess

Of course, not every girl can be easily swayed by trinkets and candy. We all know one of those girls who’d tell you not to waste your money on anything, to save for a flat and for household items. So how do you show your appreciation for a girl like her without receiving the nagging that comes with the spending? We say get some truly beautiful kitchenware that cannot be found anywhere in Singapore through Williams-Sonoma.  

Pro Tip: Get the tableware or kitchenware and use them to prepare her a sumptuous meal. She can’t complain when you’re lavishing her with quality time.