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21st December 2017

By now, you’ve heard us talk about actual weight shipping a whole dang lot. And it’s always pitched against volumetric shipments.

Those sound like confusing terms. And by now you’re probably wondering if you should even care about it. Is there really a difference? Are they just marketing terms just thrown out there to sound legit?

Um, actually…

Actual weight and volumetric calculations are shipping terms that have been used in the freight forwarding and logistics industry for decades.

Here’s a trade secret:
Logistics companies sometimes calculate the cost of the actual weight (how much it weighs) of a shipment, against the volume weight (how big it is) of the shipment to see if there is a difference they could play with.

Ideally, they will spend less on shipping packages based on the weight, and profit by charging the end user (you) the more expensive volume weight.

In fact, they would be happy if your items come with useless packaging so they can charge you for all that air.

That’s how plenty of these small-package forwarding companies operate.

But not us.

We at BuyandShip believe in providing a shipping service that actually makes sense.

If you purchase two tubes of lip glosses and it happens to be packaged in a huge box, we don’t expect you to pay for that box. Instead, we guarantee that you only need to pay for the weight of those lip glosses.

To top that, once your package arrives, we assess it to see if it needs unpacking so that your package gets as lightweight as possible!

Now, doesn’t that make sense?