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You Buy, We Ship – Cheap!

4th December 2017

One of the wonderful things that the Internet brings is online shopping. The
beauty of it is that getting all the products we could ever want or need is just a
matter of making a few clicks.

But of course, everything comes with a catch.

Your shopping still has to travel the miles to get to you. And these miles can be costly (read: very expensive).

Even if you get the best deal from Amazon, or want to make use of a promo by Victoria Secrets, shipping from these sites individually will cost either the same as your item, or even more! Who’s going to spend $20 to ship a screen protector that costs only $10?

Oh wait, there’s free shipping? Then you realize it only applies only to domestic shipping. Another roadblock…

At this point, you’d sigh and wonder where you can find a reliable and affordable 3rd party shipping service that can help consolidate all your orders.


When you use BuyandShip, we make sure you are spending less on shipping, and more on shopping. We make sure you’re not just purchasing air by providing an unpacking service, and giving you accurate actual weight shipping rates.

And… it’s not just access to US shops and brands we are offering. Think bigger!

It is access to your favourite shops in the UK, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong as well! So it’s truly the world at your fingertips.

Here’s another reason to get you started (as if you need more convincing): We’re giving away 5 credits for every new sign up!

Each credit = SGD1. So essentially we are giving away $5 just for signing up!

Just head over to buyandship.com.sg to register. And get your shop on!​

As if you need more convincing.